Guzmen Y Gomez - Freedom Rally

Launching Free Range Chicken 2016!


Guzmen Y Gomez is on a mission to fix Fast Food.  They believe that fast food does not have to be bad – it can be healthy, tasty, clean and ethically sourced.  They want to push other fast food companies into adopting the same stance and to improve the overall standards in the industry.


Many great causes start with a launch – and that was the goal with the World Square Rally. GYG wanted to launch their Fix Fast Food campaign in a very public way – interacting with consumers, explaining their cause, and presenting an alternative vision for the industry.  Tom Thumb Events helped to facilitate this event, organising all the logistics, infrastructure and production. We also undertook photography and filming, producing content to ensure that momentum could be maintained through their comprehensive social media and online campaigns. 


GYG successfully launched their campaign to the patrons in World Square – highlighting their message through a series of speeches and presentations.  Post event, we generated significant traffic on social media via our videos.  Throughout the event, GYG were able to add thousands of signatures to their petition to Fix Fast Food.