Gloria Jean’s Coffees

Global Conference India 2012


The global CEO of Gloria Jean’s Coffees, Nabi Salah, wanted the 80 plus Country Franchise License owners, franchisee partners, major suppliers and senior management to look at ways to increase their ‘abundance’ in their lives.


The main platform for this messaging to occur would be at their 2012 global convention. Wanting to be able to offer more than just keynote speakers the convention needed to provide experiences that challenged the delegates. The northern Indian cities of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur were chosen to host the 300 delegates. Our strategy was threefold. Firstly any messaging needed to be absorbed at every chance, both passively through signage, print, digital and also through more direct aspects in plenary and conference sessions. Secondly, activities were chosen that would bring the delegates closer together and enable ‘abundance’ themed aspects to be re-enforced. Thirdly all pre and post event communications across digital and video platforms placed high emphasis on communicating and re-enforcing the abundance message.

We worked in partnership with their internal events team on messaging and strategy and how this flowed into registration, marketing, theming, décor, AV, and entertainment. We oversaw the Indian supplier contract negotiations and provided Event Director, Technical Director and support staff on site.


Regarded as the best international conference to date for Gloria Jean’s Coffees.