Noise Cancelling Headphones activation 2013


Bose is a market leader when it comes to audio technology - and had developed a revolutionary new in-ear, noise cancelling headphone - the QC20. However, this is a product that truly has to be tried first hand - until you hear it for yourself, you wouldn’t believe the difference they can make! In the lead up to Christmas, Bose wanted to ensure that as many consumers as possible were able to experience this “wow” moment.


Partnering with Bose’s US Agency, we planned a program of activations across Sydney - with five venues, twelve staff and three weeks to maximise product exposure.

We investigated and selected locations across Sydney that would reach the target customer - young, brand conscious consumers, looking for a quality product. We implemented the activations in Pitt St Mall, Martin Place, World Square, Circular Quay and onboard Sydney Ferries.

We coordinated brand ambassadors and ensured they were equipped with the technical knowledge to educate the tech-savvy consumer.


Over the three weeks, we engaged with more than 10,000 people and enabled them to try out the new Headphones. The reactions were amazing - with plenty of “wow” moments captured and shared via Instagram and Facebook.