Adventure Camp

School Holiday Camp - Sydney 2018


Recent scientific studies have exposed the benefit — even necessity — of spending time outdoors. Most of these studies agree that kids who play outside are smarter, happier, more attentive and less anxious than kids who spend more time indoors.  We were concerned that kids in Sydney didn't have the opportunity to get time in the outdoors so Tom Thumb Events decided to do something about this.


School holiday camps in Sydney's north primarily are camps based on after school or sport activities.  We wanted to create an outdoor camp that had elements of Scouts, American holiday camps, outdoor ed camps all mixed up with a massive dollop of fun.  With that in mind we developed a program and found a partner, Land's Edge, who could activate and run the camp as well as take advantage of their equipment and location on Sydney Harbour.  We used our sister company, Tom Thumb,  to brand and develop the personality, plus market the camp and ran our first on in Jan 2017 for 45 kids.  The camp has now expanded to a second location at Northbridge with over 700 kids attending.


"Our children are reluctant 'camp goers' as they would much prefer to stay at home and haven't loved any they have previously been on. They typically come home unenthusiastic about the experience. After Adventure Camp my husband and I couldn't stop them talking. The three of them had so much to tell and report. We loved the fact that they had to work as a team and value each other. They would love to do it again but would prefer with friends. Either way for us - this experience is a winner!"


"A fun and challenging program to build self confidence while making new friends, learning new skills and develop an appreciation for the local environment and history. My son is begging to do it again! He especially loved the rafting and snorkelling."


"Highly recommend, my daughter knew no one and was apprehensive about the camp but had the best time ever and can't wait to do another camp."